When you click on either of these options you will be directed to our payment page.

Once you are on the payment page you may choose to pay via Credit Card (some cheque cards), EFT or do a cash deposit at any one of the four Financial Institutions we have accounts with.

Should you opt to pay via Credit Card, please insert all the required fields and click on:

Once you click on this, the Establishment will receive an email to confirm your booking, your card will only be debited once the booking has been confirmed.

Should you opt to pay via EFT or cash deposit choose the following option on your quote:

You will be directed to a payment page that will provide you with the banking details of four Financial Institutions. If you opt to transfer into the account that corresponds with your own banking institution, payment should clear almost immediately. 

If you click on:

You will have the option to click on the link taking you directly to your Internet Banking page as per the example below in green:

Alternatively, you may go into anyone of the four banks we offer accounts with and do a cash deposit. At this stage, you will have been emailed all our banking details.

In order for us to trace your payment please remember to you the Safarinow.com enquiry number of the quote that you have chosen.